Keep Good Company and You Shall be of The Number

RenovaBT, one of the most experienced a “True” Value-added Distributor in Turkiye and neighbourhood countries in the region, is recognized as the Trusted Advisor with having a forefront portfolio of 15+ technology vendors


Go Global


Global ICT market is about $ 4.000 B, ICT business represents excited global opportunities. However, this is not easy matter and companies which want to make international business needs to meet kind of requirements like local support, satisfied documentation, multi-language support, qualified human resources. International business requires much more investment to achieve significant goals. QualifiedONE provides consulting services starting from building international business strategy to developing go-to market plans and matching with local partners.

Assessment of requirements like branding, language, technology, people, process, documentation, etc



Target market insights according to demand, buyers habbit, competition and market volume



Development of go-to market strategy, defining goals and objectives, return of investment.



Lead generation and channel developlemt activities for customer and partner aquisition

The first phase to define company resources, goals  and objectives. The company is reviewed in terms of people, product, process, technology, and financial requirements in order to be global player

Based on defined reqirements  an execution plan starts, and company becomes prepared for global markets.  Marketing strategy is defined and the company becomes aligned around the strategy.

Go-to market stage includes landing, starting marketing activities and working around updated internal business processes like lead generation, support, customer/partner acquisition and onboarding.

Supporting growth by additional digital/conventional marketing activities and having more deals. Based on requirements local resources can be hired or company can develop a partner channel.